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Did you know the Coast Guard workforce has over 9,500 civilians who provide essential support to our crews? As a civilian in the Coast Guard, you’ll enjoy valuable skills training and excellent federal benefits while providing key services to our members..

We offer a wide range of opportunities.

Our teams have diverse skill sets and backgrounds. There are many fields within the civilian workforce, including information technology, finance, engineering, marine safety, law, medicine, procurement, contract management, intelligence, and more. Plus, civilian positions exist in over 100 locations around the country.

Enjoy more flexibility than military service.

As a civilian in the Coast Guard, you’ll be employed like any other civilian in a federal position. You won’t attend boot camp, wear a uniform, or sign a contract like someone who enlists. Some opportunities are part-time. You’ll be working closely with and directly supporting the mission of the Coast Guard and its members, but as a civilian!

Receive great benefits through a federal job.

We are committed to providing great benefits. As a civilian, you’ll receive paid time off, a 401k plan, health insurance options, on-the-job training, and more.

Apply now and help us protect, defend, and save.

The application process for civilians is similar to private sector jobs and doesn't require a recruiter. More information about applying for federal jobs and resume requirements is on Visit to see available positions and apply.